Welcome to NetDSS Version 3.5

• NetDSS Live is for non-VA users to use with real patients
• NetDSS Training is for users wanting to learn how to use the system to refine their clinical skills.

NetDSS is a free web-based decision-support system designed to help care managers deliver chronic care services to patients with mental health disorders.  NetDSS is based on the chronic care treatment model for mental health disorders, also known as collaborative care. The development of NetDSS was funded from grants from the Dept. of Veteran Affairs and the National Institute of Mental Health.

NetDSS has the following functional capabilities:

• Care manager registration
• Clinic and provider registration
• Patient panel registry (call list)
• Encounter scheduler
• Trial management
• Progress note generator
• Workload and outcomes reports

NetDSS guides the care manager through encounters with patients using evidence-based instruments and scripts:

• Patient education and activation
• Barrier assessment and resolution
• Psychiatric comorbidity assessment
• Self-management
• Symptom monitoring
• Side-effect monitoring
• Medication and counseling monitoring and adherence promotion


Download Care Manager Training Manual


NetDSS is hosted by the Psychiatric Research Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  NetDSS was developed by Amanda Davis, John Fortney, Richard Hedrick, Jeff Pyne, Jeff Smith, Christopher Steven, Silas Williams, and Bill Raney.  For comments or questions, please contact John Fortney at FortneyJohnC@uams.edu

NetDSS incorporates validated instruments and intervention scripts designed by leading researchers across the country. 

  • Drs. Robert Spitzer, Janet Williams, and Kurt Kroenke developed the panic screening tool, the general anxiety symptom monitoring tool, and the depression symptom monitoring tool (PHQ-9).  The PHQ-9 is adapted from the PRIME MD TODAY Copyright © 1999 Pfizer, Inc.  All rights reserved.  PRIME MD TODAY is a trademark of Pfizer, Inc.
  • Dr. Kathryn Rost developed the education and activation scripts, the barrier assessment instrument and the barrier resolution intervention scripts.
  • Dr. Greg Simon developed the medication monitoring tool and adherence interventions.
  • Dr. Steven Cole developed the suicide risk assessment tool. 
  • Drs. J.B. Saunders, O.G. Aasland, T.F. Babor, J.R. de la Fuente, M. Grant developed the alcohol screening tool (AUDIT).
  • Drs R. Katzman, T. Brown T, and P. Fuld developed the cognitive impairment screening tool (Blessed Orientation Memory and Concentration).
  • Drs. A. Prins, P. Ouimette, R. Kimerling, R.P. Camerond, D.S. Hugelshofer, J. Shaw-Hegwer, A. Thrailkill, F.D. Gusman, J.I. and Sheikh developed the first stage PTSD screening (PC-PTSD).
  • Drs. F.W. Weathers,  B.T. Litz, D. S. Herman, J.A. Huska, and T.M. Keane developed the second  stage PTSD screening tool (PCL). 
  • Dr. Robert Hirschfeld developed the bipolar disorder screening tool (Mood Disorder Questionnaire).